We stock a wide range of new hardware spares. Hardware has a rough ride! It gets gigged a lot, thrown in and out of cases, stored in dark damp places and generally lead a tough ol' life!

You can search by part type and use the filters but sometimes it's easier putting some keywords in to the search box. If you need some help finding a part just call on 01273 803855 or email us.

If your product does not appear then it may be discontinued but don't hesitate to contact us just in case we can find an alternative or even source the discontinued part.

Yamaha Rubber Hardware Foot (U0608240)

Yamaha Rubber Hardware Foot (U0608240)


Genuine Yamaha Accessories Rubber foot for Yamaha hardware Suitable replacement for a.....

Yamaha Super Thick Cymbal Stand Felts

Yamaha Super Thick Cymbal Stand Felts


Genuine Yamaha Accessories Super thick Yamaha felt washers for cymbal stands. Fits all 8mm ti.....


Armed with more than a decade of experience and thousands of spares, let us save you save time AND money with our superb expert advice and guidance.

We also sell drumsticks, drumheads and other accessories at some of the cheapest prices online!

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