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Genuine ProGuard Ear Pieces

ProGuard Earsonics Pro-Musicians Custom Earplugs give your ears the protection required to help safeguard your hearing from excessive levels of sound that may lead to tinnitus, deafness and other noise related symptoms. Fitted with the unique patented Earsonics acoustic filters developed over a number of years by French Musician and Sound Engineer Franck Lopez, your ProGuards will reduce the sound reaching your eardrum yet still allow you to hear the  music with it’s full acoustic content enhancing the lows and highs with it’s built in passive loudness filter; you could regard it as a volume control for your ears.

 A choice of three different acoustic filters are available:

  • 8dB (soft Pad) - low level protection will give excellent dynamic response
  • 13dB (medium Pad) - allows you to feel the musical sensation
  • 17dB (Hard Pad) - efficient noise safeguard but still allowing you to hear the full acoustic experience.

The filters are not interchangeable and you only have a choice of one set, you can make this choice when you send your impressions back to us. 

The Earpad is in fact the first earplug with new patented loudness musical response concept, in other words the high and low frequencies are boosted to compensate for the ears natural susceptibility to lose the detail of  these frequencies when the volume is reduced, a similar experience happens when you switch in the loudness button on an amplifier.  The resulting sound will give amazing experience for musicians and audiophiles yet still give you the protection you need.

The custom earplug body is manufactured from clear hard acrylic making it completely durable, hard wearing and comfortable for long periods of use. 

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